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Elfeland 10inch Ring Light Dimmable Selfie Ring Light

Elfeland 10inch Ring Light Dimmable Selfie Ring Light

Black Girl Digital 10' Dimmable Ring Light


1. Shell Material: Aviation Aluminum+PC+ABS
2. Input rated voltage: 12VDC
3. Maximum working current: 2A
4. Maximum power: 10W
5. Power supply: powered by USB port
6. Anchor light diameter: 10 inches/26CM
7. Anchor light height: install telescopic bracket (52-62CM) / 38CM without telescopic bracket
8. Number of lamp beads: 120pcs
9. Installation method: two, the user can choose whether to install the telescopic bracket
10. Projection light source LED lamp bead light source
11. Dimming: 10 dimming brightness, 3 colors can be dimmed
12. Color temperature: three color temperatures: 3200k-4500K-6000K
13. Wireless Selfie Remote Control: mobile phone link is sufficient, suitable for most mobile phones
14. Safety regulations: The product complies with CE and ROHS certification standards.
15. Inner package size: 26*4.2*29CM
16. Single weight: 680 (g)

Selling points:
1. Support product expansion and contraction, product height can be adjusted 52-62CM, this is different from many models on the market that can not adjust the height
2. Three different color temperatures can be selected from 3200k-4500K-6000K, 10 different brightness can be selected
3. Configure Bluetooth Selfie controller, you can take photos or record videos through the remote control
4. 360°rotating endless belt lamp, you can adjust the display angle of 45°, 90°, or 180° according to your needs. With a 360° rotatable phone clip, your phone supports shooting video vertically or horizontally
5. Using USB port power supply + wire control design, fast and convenient to use.
The size of the 6.26CM lamp surface is the most suitable for live broadcast and photography, which will not occupy too much space and ensure sufficient light source

Package List:
1 * Anchor fill light (with integrated wire control) 
1 * Mobile phone holder 
1 * Tripod 
1 * Telescopic support 
1 * Wireless Selfie Remote Control
1 * User manual 

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