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Black Girl Digital 18 inch LED iPAD | DSLR Camera Ring Light

Black Girl Digital 18 inch LED iPAD | DSLR Camera Ring Light


Black Girl Digital Ring light set includes: ring light 18 inch (including power cord) + 1.5 m foldable light stand + small cloud table + E clip or U clip + carrying case, 5 in 1.     Number of lamp beads: all 240 lamps.

The lights are divided into 3 models according to their functions: the price is different.

RL-18= monochrome + with direct charge + without battery holder

RL-18B=monochrome+ with direct charge+with battery holder)

RL-18BK=Two-color adjustable + with battery holder + If you need to bring a battery, you need to purchase another battery,

Here are the questions that customers often ask.

Q: What is the difference between ring lights RL-18, RL-18B, RL-18BK?

A: As shown in the figure, 1, RL-18 does not have a battery holder, and is directly charged by the power supply. It is suitable for indoor use and power supply.

2, RL-18B and RL-18BK, are equipped with a battery holder, and the battery is suitable for outdoor use. One more K is because the RL-18BK has an additional color temperature function. This button can be adjusted without changing the color. The color light can be switched from white to warm. Viewed from the outside, the 18BK has 2 buttons, and the 18B and 18 have only one button.

1 18 inch monochrome warm light + light stand set RK-18

2 18-inch BK dual color temperature lamp + lamp holder set

 only the lamp RL-18BK, only the lamp RL-18, only the lamp RL-18B

CJJJJTJT00819-1: 12inch with the stand 

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