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ELEGIANT EGS-07 bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod 360

ELEGIANT EGS-07 bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod 360

Video balance control & 360 ° panoramic shots
You can manually turn the secondary control to rotate the phone horizontally 360 °. Simple and stable video recording. It is an artifact for live streaming and video recording. The ELEGIANT Selfie Stick EGS-07 has anti-vibration and soft properties.
Removable bluetooth remote control & LED light
The built-in bluetooth remote control can be removed and the trigger can be removed. There is an LED light on the phone holder. Turn on the LED light to illuminate the dark surroundings and complete the light for your images. Satisfy your recording needs in all aspects.
Aluminum Telescopic Rod & Metal Tripod
The telescopic rod is made of an aluminum alloy that differs from plastic material, which is strong and stable. The bar can reach 83 cm after stretching. The metal tripod is robust and stable and can be fixed with the built-in lock when opening the tripod. If you are not using a tripod, it can be stored on the pole and retract.
For smartphones less than 6.8 inches & portrait / landscape mode
With our phone clip you can easily repair your phone. Suitable for mobile phones with screens less than 6.8 inches. The mobile phone can choose between horizontal and vertical shooting modes.
USB & Portable Charging
Our bluetooth remote control has a built-in 55 mAh battery. When fully charged, it can be on hold for 1 month. The charge lasts 1 hour. There is also a USB socket on the LED light through which the LED light can be charged.
Package Included:
1 x ELEGIANT EGS-07 Selfie Stick(Other products are not included)
1 x Charging Cable

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